This is a huge topic and it's one question on anyone's mind when talking about Otherkin. Some questions are, "Are Otherkin real?", "If they are how can someone prove there existence?", "Is there any physical proof they exist?".

Many people asking this question approach this spiritual concept with a scientific approach. Wanting physical evidence on a spiritual level. Almost like asking for physical evidence of a god or deity.

Otherkin are not physically different from anyone. We are all human on a physical sense. You will normally get people asking someone who claims to be Otherkin physical proof. But how could someone give anyone physical proof of anything spiritual, over the internet?

What happens, is that the person requesting physical proof does not get physical proof, and the person being ask to give physical proof of their spiritual side over the internet can not deliver. In this situation the person asking for the proof then says that the person is delusional or a liar.

Does that seem fair? I don't think so. Science and Physics can never perfectly meet the Spiritual and Metaphysics. To test both of to be on the same group. Either scientific to scientific or spiritual to spiritual.

For those who cannot do this. You have to remember that there is fact; proven with scientific methods, and there is also a Truth. A truth is a belief and a faith that what that person experienced or learned is the truth outside the realm of science. Facts are made by theories which have been tested in scientific methods.

What is true to some may not to true to others. Millions of people believe in a higher power. It is their truth, science cannot prove or disprove a gods exist acne. But to a huge number of people he or she is there and real.

Otherkin is a truth to many people. Whether they are or not depends on the person. But for those who are it is all to real. It is their truth, their reality, and science currently can not prove it or disprove it. But if thousands of people who claim to be Otherkin all agree with similar experiences or memories then I guess they all might be into something.

Psion Nation Management Founder & User Administrator Baal Domiel, Feb 1, 2014

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