Aura Depiction

Aura Depiction is the ability to be able to scan/analyze the aura of another living being or human.

How does it work?

Users who use this ability primarily rely on their spiritual sight in order to interpret the aura of their target; however there are some who do not see the aura, but feel it.It is perceptional to the reader due to how people interpret aura colors differently. For instance, one person may see red as hostile, and another may see red as confident.

Differences in sight and seeing

In seeing aura, you can see the colors. In sensing, you can feel the emotion and the color as a range of things.(Thoughts, feelings,intent,emotional levels)They are the same in accuracy and describing the person or living being. Each person is different,there is no right or wrong for the state of someone’s aura.

PsiNation Article and resources

  • [[1]]
  • Balios(Author of this article)

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