Chat Rules Edit

  • Keep foul language to a minimum, if used excessively you will be asked to settle down.
  • Sexual harassment and sexual content will not be tolerated
  • Religious discussion is only acceptable if taken to personal messages.
  • No disrespecting other members or moderators, everyone is entitled to their own views be it different or similar.
  • Respect others opinions and do not force your opinions onto other people, everyone sees certain topics differently.
  • No spamming (images, links, or texts)
  • No excessive roleplaying; if you wish to roleplay take it to pm.
  • No talk of drugs or anything related to excessive drug use or being "high" or other.


If you break a rule the moderators or admins will give you a warning.

1st Warning Point:
You will be asked to correct your behavior

2nd Warning Point:
You will be kicked from the chat

3rd Warning Point:
You will be banned from the wikia chat

5 warning Point:
You will be banned from the site for a month. ​

Admin Decision:​ Edit

If at any time you break a rule and an admin suspects you of being a spammer or a troll you will be banned.

If you believe that a moderator is breaking rules or being one sided report it to an admin.

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