What is Cursing?

Cursing is one of the most morally questionable practices within Magick.As people have varying views upon it because it is the act of inflicting something bad upon another person.(For example.Cursing someone with large nightmares and constant depression for a month)

How does it Work?

Cursing is usually done by a ritual or spell custom made by the person who seeks to inflict pain upon whoever it is that they chose. It is usually done with a very good reason behind it.As the energy sent out from cursing a person can rebound back onto the caster if they do not know how to prevent that (Which is very,very often)

It can range from a minor pain,To the very brutal and painful death of a person by the hands of the spell or the assistance of another deity or spirit. So this is not an ability to be taken lightly at all.

It is also hard to learn (I mean come on it's supposed to be) due to the complex nature of actually making the curse work,deciding how long it goes on.Not to mention the guilt the caster sometimes has and goes out to try to fix it.

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