Learn CryokinesisEdit


What is Cryokinesis?Edit

Cryokinesis is the psychic ability to slow an object's particles causing a decrease in temperature thus it is the ability to freeze objects/liquids.

Capabilities of Cyrokinesis Edit

The user can lower an object or space's temperature to induce freezing, generate frost, or cause the target to cool.

Limitations Edit

  • Freezing or cooling mammals can prove to be difficult as the body itself generates heat
  • Cryokinetics might feel faint or nauseous in warmer environments
  • Vulnerable to Fire Manipulation (Pyrokinesis)
  • Cannot cause cold bursts of wind unless experienced in Air Manipulation (Aerokinesis)

Archive ResourceEdit

Learn Cryokinesis - By funkymuffin (November 30, 2013)

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