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Types of Energy Manipulation

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What is Energy Manipulation?


Ambient energy around the person

Energy Manipuation is the power to generate and manipulate different types of energy.

What are the Capabilities?

The Psion can alter, stop, or move energy in themselves, objects, beings, or space. Psions can covert one type of energy to another, store it within their bodies( this is called Energy Absorption) and release it on command. Some users can create objects from pure energy, or project it out in other forms, these are called Energy Constructs. A user may be capable to covert ambient energy, covert it into life force, and live solely off of that; this is supremely useful in extremely hostile situations.

Why is Energy Important?

From Psion Nation: [1]

Energy is all around us. Energy is in the sky, the ground, plants, water, and even coming in from the cosmos.

As we know energy can not be created or destroyed, only absorbed, released, and redirected.

Our bodies have energy systems, made up by chakras and nadis that process this energy around us and convert it into usable energy. We also get energy from physical activity, eating, etc. etc. On a energetic level we are always passively absorbing energy from things around us and we passively use it. Our energy system is very important and when the energy in our energy system gets tampered with or dirty we can feel the affects physically; which is why techniques such as grounding is very important.

In Psionics and other occult practices we can use energy manipulation to actively absorb and release energy when needed to facilitate our Psionic skills. When absorbing energy we are using techniques and skills to draw energy into our energy system; a type of powering up. When releasing energy we are tapping into our energetic reserves to either direct that energy to a target or release the energy in a type of blast from our bodies.

When you absorb to much energy our energy system will react to this and you will become overcharged. In this situation you will experience a type of energetic high, the areas closest to your chakras will hurt, your hands may start to shake, and other negative effects.

When you release to much energy your energetic system will let you know that you are now drained. I call this a burnout and it's time for you to either absorb actively or let your energy system recharge passively.

Absorbing and releasing are two basic skills in energy manipulation. Energy is the fuel for most skills in Psionics. We have to make sure that before using these skills we charge up actively in order to use these skills to the fullest; otherwise you will drain your energy system and your goal will not be fruitful.

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