• Note: Anyone looking into this should probably ascertain that they are advanced in energy manipulation before attempting this. Otherwise, they will likely become confused by this article and fail to properly execute the given techniques. It is my understanding that changing the form of energy is not a simple task.*

About Energy Transformation

Wikipedia said:

   Energy transformation or energy conversion is the process of changing one form of energy to another.

Energy is constantly changing forms. The chemical energy in your phone's battery changes to electrical energy, and then to light energy to display information to you. Some is also converted into heat energy. Natural causes can also transform energy. The Sun produces nuclear energy, which then converts to light and heat as it warms the Earth. But many do not know that us ourselves can use our abilities to convert energy.

The process is much easier to explain than the theory. My experiments (More will be conducted in months to come) have led me to the hypothesis that astral energy is simply another form of energy. When humans manipulate this energy, we manipulate it in the form of waves. By manipulating the frequency of these waves, we can change the type of energy they carry. My experiments have also led me to believe that the frequency of astral energy waves is slightly above that of waves carrying heat energy. For this reason, a beginner to energy transformations should begin with heat energy.

From the above theory, we can conclude that the general method through which to change energy's form is to either raise or lower the frequency of the waves carrying it. The first technique we will go over is dubbed the "Convection Ball," and is simply a psi ball transformed into heat. I will describe two methods that work, but in the end, it is your choice how you transform the energy.

Convection Ball - Method One

1. Create a psi ball.

2. Imagine that the energy is made of rapidly moving particles. (Energy, at least as far as I know, does not actually consist of particles, but this visualization might help a first-timer in lowering wave frequency.)

3. Visualize these particles slowing down (Don't forget to also add some form of intent) until you can feel the palms of your hands heat up. Slowing them down more will convert more energy.

Convection Ball - Method Two

1. Push two streams of energy out of your hand, with the same "velocity," but opposite directions, so that they collide with each other.

2. The two streams will "subtract from each others net force" and slow down into one clump of heat energy.

Stay tuned for the next article, which includes the Convection Ball's big brother - the Campfire!


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