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What is Psionics?

From what we have all gathered Psionics is a broad fringe field that encompasses to the study and practice of using the mind and energy to induce paranormal phenomena to cause changes internally and externally. Psionics, as a set of skills latent or learned, provides the ability to manipulate the environment around you in accordance to your will, knowledge, and practices. This means that you can (with some restrictions) make changes to situations, living things, and inanimate objects. Those who practice psionics are called Psions. Some examples of abilities which often fit within the practice of psionics are psychokinesis, telepathy, remote viewing, extra-sensory perception and out-of-body experiences.

Emergence of Psionics

The term “psi” originated in 1942 with B.P. Wiesner and Robert H. Thouless. Both of these pioneers wanted a word that would describe certain Metaphysical abilities such as extrasensory perception (ESP) and psychokinesis. ESP is the ability to sense things that are beyond the reach of the five senses, and psychokinesis is the ability to influence the physical world with the mind alone. Psionics is a fusion of psi and electromagnetic energy; or simply energy.

In the 21st century, psionics is generally treated almost as magic and for that considered occult. The reality of psionics is a much-debated topic. Most scientists have placed the field completely in the realm of the absurd, though there are many who either speculate about the possibilities or truly believe in the innate capacity of the human mind to accomplish feats far beyond the mundane. Self-proclaimed psychics often work to capitalize on their precognitive or clairvoyant abilities, real or imagined. Their claims often do not come true, causing many people to strongly doubt the Psionic abilities of the mind. These doubts, however, are unlikely to dissuade the many who truly feel that the human mind has a vast amount of untapped potential to do great things. There are many communities on the internet that can help people interested in Psionics and in this case Psion Nation is one of the newest, but more populated communities that opened its doors for “entry” level people wanting to become Psions.

Concepts of Psionics

Psionics combine the potential for latent abilities (simple abilities we are all born with) with the capacity to improve those latent abilities through training, and to develop additional abilities not available to an untrained person. In the Psion Nation, Psionic Core Training can be broken down into four tiers; passive, active, offensive, and defensive.

Passive Psionic Skills

Passive Psionics skills involve techniques and knowledge that improve one’s foundation level. Passive Psionics skills can for example, improve a Psion’s energy system, patience, visualization, and sensory attunement; that can later help boost mental feats in their Psionic career. It is considered passive psionics because it does not cause any direct change in the environment, but more of directly changing your inner system.

Active Psionic Skills

Active Psionic Skills involve mental and physical abilities that directly manifest themselves in the physical world to cause change. Most of Psionics deal with mental abilities and they do not have any visible physical effect. There are however some physical Psionic abilities that manipulate physical objects and can cause a visible physical effect.

Offensive and Defensive Psionic Skills

When it comes to the Offensive and Defensive Psionics skills it tends to be a little more complicated, as a Psion can choose to mix passive or active skills with their offensive or defensive skills. One of the most important concepts a Psion needs to grasp early in their Psionic career is that psionics is the idea of causing change and that things take time. When dealing with Offensive and Defensive Psionic skills you are changing your energy system, external energy field, projective state, connections, and also the area around you to better change physical aspects around you.

Defensive Psionic Skills usually involve (but not limited to) creation of shield constructs, energy fields, anti-extrasensory perception skills, and defensive connection blocks. When it comes to Offensive Psionic Skills they usually involve (but not limited to) projections, one or two-way connections, physical and mental domination skills, projected offensive constructs, certain offensive kinetic abilities.

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