Psychometry is the ability to read the energy history or future of an object whether it be alive or dead.

The word psychometry originates from Greek origins; psycho coming from Psyche which means spirit or soul and metry coming from metron, meaning to measure. With psychometry someone can in effect read the energy of an object, energy remembers and leaves traces of the past or future of which can be read by a psychometrist. The ability is one of the lesser known ESP abilities but has a strong connection with clairvoyancy, telepathy and empathy due to what is read.

What can it do for you?

Psychometry allows one to read an object and find out information. This can enable you to see the past of the object allowing more information. The more you practice the more you can read or sense about the object, it is natural to some psychics but not all. The ability does go well with telepathy and mediumship.


  • Energy can be deceiving if there is a shield involved.
  • Requires hard work and a lot of practice.
  • May involve holding the object and therefore having it physically in front of you.