Psion Nation Wikia Rules


  • DO NOT make personal attacks (name calling, hostile remarks, accusations, etc.). In discussion, attack ideas and opinions, not the people who hold them. Note that an attack on your ideas and beliefs are not considered a personal attack under our rules even if you identify so closely with your beliefs and ideas that you personally consider an attack on those beliefs or ideas to be an attack on you.
  • DO NOT call users: delusional, pysco, psychotic, retarded, crazy in a derogatory way. Any other words like this used to debunk, make fun of, or to discredit another member is not allowed. Terms like these are used as an excuse for ableism and Othering of those who of necessity have to deal with life a bit differently from other people.
  • DO NOT remove the quote bbcode inserted into your reply by the "Reply" button. You may (and should) delete portions of the quoted text not relevant to your reply, but the quote bbcode itself must remain intact under most circumstances as this inserts links and text that helps others follow the flow of conversation.
  • DO NOT make blanket condemnations of peoples, cultures, or religions.
  • DO NOT post or attach content that is libelous, defamatory, pornographic, harassing, threatening, or hateful (racially, ethnically, or religiously).
  • DO NOT post advertisements or event announcements (commercial or non-commercial) without obtaining prior approval for the specific item from Wikia Administrator.
  • DO NOT post more than a sentence or two of copyrighted material without obtaining specific permission from the current copyright owner to post the material on The Psion Nation and posting that permission with the copyrighted material. Link to the material instead.
  • DO NOT argue with, comment on, complain about, criticize, or otherwise discuss staff decisions on rules issues in public in Psion Nation Wikia Community areas. If you think a decision that directly affects you is incorrect, you may make an appeal in private message via Psion Nation Main Site or post a comment on the administrators comment section of their profile here on Psion Nation Wikia.
  • DO NOT attempt to moderate other members. Leave the moderating to the Psion Nation Wikia Staff. If you believe a Wikia Page or forum post violates the rules in a major way, you may bring that post to the attention of the Psion Nation Wikia Staff by reporting that message with the "Report to moderator" link. You can bring non-forum problems to the attention of staff by emailing a staff member via their profile.
  • DO NOT tell others members not to post to you.
  • DO NOT register multiple accounts without permission from the hosts.
  • DO NOT impersonate other members or otherwise pretend to be someone you are not.
  • DO NOT use community facilities of Psion Nation’s Community to violate US criminal or civil law.


  • DO remember to use the "Reply/Quote" button even when using the quick reply feature as this inserts links and text that helps others follow the flow of conversation.
  • DO edit quoted material in your replies to the minimum needed.
  • DO write in a "normal writing" style. Capitalize the first word of your sentences. Use proper punctuation. Write in short paragraphs and place a blank line between paragraphs (hit return twice). Please do not WRITE IN ALL CAPITALS, in eLiTe LeTtErS, or in odd fonts and colors. Please do not use "Netspeak" (e.g. R U Wiccan) as our community areas are not a cell phone. See our Message Posting Guidelines for more information.
  • DO be tolerant of religions and opinions that differ from your own. You do not have to agree with them or support them, but you must be tolerant of those who express them. Others have as much right to hold and express their views as you do to hold and express yours.
  • DO try to post new pages in the correction section. Also research the Wikia to make sure you are not creating a double topic.
  • DO remember that other members of Psion Nation Wikia are real people just like you with rights and feelings -- treat them as real people even when engaged in heated debate.
  • DO remember that you are not your opinions and beliefs. An attack on your opinions and beliefs in debate is not an attack on you. If attacks on your opinions and beliefs seem like personal attacks to you, you will probably want to bow out of topics that turn into heated discussions or debates.
  • DO try to avoid posting already posted information in "pile-ons." If you see a thread where someone has posted obvious incorrect information on hot button issues and there are a lot of posts after that message, please read ahead before posting to avoid posting the 20th reply with basically the same information (as this tends to make the member with the incorrect information think people are ganging up on them).
  • DO realize that some pages on the Wikia have special rules that apply only to that page and follow those rules when posting on that page -- such rules will be in a clearly labeled sticky post on the board they apply to.
  • DO follow instructions/suggestions from staff members and hosts about how to post and/or behave on The Cauldron (quoting, formatting messages, etc.). Staff members have no interest in hearing why you would rather not do it the standard TC way.
  • DO expect to be asked for sources to support any unusual factual claims you may make. If you chose to back those claims with poor sources (wikipedia and other encyclopedias, dictionaries, popular press books written by non-experts, out-of-date academic books, etc.), do not be surprised where they are not considered convincing, let alone authoritative.


Please do not engage in annoying or excessively rude behavior in the community areas. Annoying and rude behavior includes (but is not limited to):

  • Editing your messages to significantly change the content after a message can reasonably be assumed to have been read by others (which is 2 or 3 minutes after posting). This is particularly true if the message has already been replied to.
  • If you are on this community to only debunk, throw the fluff flag, call our members fake, or do not contribute to our community in a positive light then you will be asked to leave by a staff and your account will be locked.
  • Posting the same message to multiple topics or boards.
  • Trolling (posting material just to stir up trouble or start flame wars)
  • Proselytizing for any religion.
  • Making overly broad "All Psions believe..." or "All Psions do..." type statements. Except in the most trivial cases (e.g. "All Living Psions need to drink water"), such claims are almost always false.
  • Demanding that others prove your claims wrong instead of supporting those claims with evidence they are correct.
  • Attacking a post based on typos, poor spelling, or poor grammar, instead of debating its content. Our message board is more akin to a spoken conversation with people from many countries than it is to a term paper.
  • Oversharing personal details -- posting the intimate details of your life in inappropriate threads.
  • Use of gratuitous offensive language. We are a PG-13 forum.
  • Using a offensive or inappropriate username, name, custom title, avatar, signature, etc.
  • Failing to properly attribute quoted sources.
  • Having your account set to a false or out of date email address.
  • Hacking or attempting to hack any part of Psion Nation’s Forum.

CONSEQUENCES OF COMMUNITY RULE VIOLATIONS Standard consequences for violating community rules include:

  • Editing or deletion of the offending content
  • Being put on "post moderation" (a staff member has to approve each of your posts before they appear on the board)
  • Being banned from community areas for a period of time
  • Permanent ban

Offical PsionNation Community rules.

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