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What is Telekinesis

Telekinesis is the ability to manipulate matter, atoms, and various forms of energy mentally.


Telekinetics may use various forms of manipulation;(Classical: Wind Fire Water Earth), Intermediate forms;(Motion: Weather, Electricity, Ice), Advanced;(Mental: Body, Time, Light, Darkness, Force). Telekinesis can be used for push, pull, absorb, release, programming, attacking, and defending with any -kinesis known.


  • Almost every form is weak to another form of energy, for example, fire and water can wash each other out.
  • When energy manipulation is not adept enough for the person, it comes out weaker or uncontrolled. (Misfires at psiwheels, not moving objects the way you want it)
  • A calm, relaxed mind is generally needed to focus/concentrate on what is being manipulated.
  • Is difficult at first to properly direct.