What is Wish Granting?

This the ability to will for something to come to you in a positive and wishful manner. (May also be known as Manifestation or Law of Attraction to some)

How does it work?

Wish Granting works through visualization, willpower, clear intentions, and using positive energy in a giving nature to attract what you want.

What is the limits to this?

Negative energy can transform the wish in a "negative" way,like stereotypical wishing from a genie. You get what you ask for but it's a twist, something you didn't actually want will come to you.(Negative energy can be emotional, unhealthy thinking, ill intentions, pessimistic thought patterns.) It won't manifest quickly, give it time and don't lose hope. It'll come through in a less direct way, and it'll seem like chance that it came about. With wish granting you cannot be too specific or too vague.